Ways To Overcome Procrastination

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Are you someone that pushes things until the last moment? Or even at this very moment you have an important assignment to be done but you’re in the room reading this right now? If your answer to these questions are ‘yes’, you probably know by now that you are someone who procrastinates everything until the very end. It’s a common trait among many people. I’m sure by now you would have experienced the late nights and the innumerable times you’ve had your coffee machine switched on at 3 am in the morning. How do you stop this? With proper determination you can overcome procrastination. Here are some ways you can try to overcome this habit.

Cross your calendar

Why do your procrastinate? Ask yourself this question. The most obvious answer would be that the deadline is days from now and you keep telling yourself that there’s enough time to finish your work. Until hours before the time frame you realize that you cannot pull this off in one night. This is why you need to have a calendar and spread your work over the period that you have been entitled with. Don’t have everything on one day. This is humanly impossible and you will end up in frustration. So, cross your calendar and give yourself a deadline before the actual cutoff date.

Set your mind

Don’t push off things assuming that they are trivial. Sometimes it’s the trivial things that can take a lot of days. It’s important that you set your mind to do the work. Once you’ve set your mind you can accomplish anything within a short period of time. If you’re having trouble dealing with mind control, you can attend a life coach Brisbane program that teaches you to get rid of bad habits.

Tomorrow never comes

Circumstances happen without any warning. The weather is unpredictable and you can never be confident about what will happen tomorrow. Give yourself the attitude that tomorrow cannot be sure. Procrastinator’s love this word and this is something you need to take off your vocabulary and focus on today. If you have trouble with self-control and your mind tells you what to do, you can call on a NLP practitioner to talk about how you can change your habits.

Reward yourself

A prize is the best way to motivate yourself to do anything at a given period of time. Do not let yourself get carried away with social media every 5 minutes or start playing video games after one hour of work. This a distraction that will make you even lazier and incompetent. Reward yourself after you’re completely done with the work and you can set aside a time to watch your favorite series on Netflix.

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